v. & n.
1 intr. a (of a person or other biped) progress by lifting and setting down each foot in turn, never having both feet off the ground at once. b progress with similar movements (walked on his hands). c go with the gait usual except when speed is desired. d (of a quadruped) go with the slowest gait, always having at least two feet on the ground at once.
2 intr. a travel or go on foot. b take exercise in this way (walks for two hours each day).
3 tr. perambulate, traverse on foot at walking speed, tread the floor or surface of.
4 tr. a cause to walk with one. b accompany in walking. c ride or lead (a horse, dog, etc.) at walking pace. d take charge of (a puppy) at walk (see sense 4 of n.).
5 intr. (of a ghost) appear.
6 intr. Cricket leave the wicket on being out.
7 Baseball a intr. reach first base on balls. b tr. allow to do this.
8 intr. archaic live in a specified manner, conduct oneself (walk humbly; walk with God).
9 intr. US sl. be released from suspicion or from a charge.
1 a an act of walking, the ordinary human gait (go at a walk). b the slowest gait of an animal. c a person's manner of walking (know him by his walk).
2 a taking a (usu. specified) time to walk a distance (is only ten minutes' walk from here; it's quite a walk to the bus-stop). b an excursion on foot, a stroll or constitutional (go for a walk). c a journey on foot completed to earn money promised for a charity etc.
3 a a place, track, or route intended or suitable for walking; a promenade, colonnade, or footpath. b a person's favourite place or route for walking. c the round of a postman, hawker, etc.
4 a farm etc. where a hound-puppy is sent to accustom it to various surroundings.
5 the place where a gamecock is kept.
6 a part of a forest under one keeper.
Phrases and idioms:
in a walk without effort (won in a walk). walk about stroll. walk all over colloq.
1 defeat easily.
2 take advantage of.
walk away from
1 easily outdistance.
2 refuse to become involved with; fail to deal with.
3 survive (an accident etc.) without serious injury. walk away with colloq. = walk off with. walk the boards be an actor. walk the hospitals = walk the wards. walk in (often foll. by on) enter or arrive, esp. unexpectedly or easily.
walk into
1 colloq. encounter through unwariness (walked into the trap).
2 sl. archaic attack forcefully.
3 sl. archaic eat heartily.
walk it
1 make a journey on foot, not ride.
2 colloq. achieve something (esp. a victory) easily. walk Matilda see MATILDA.
walk off
1 depart (esp. abruptly).
2 get rid of the effects of (a meal, ailment, etc.) by walking (walked off his anger). walk a person off his or her feet (or legs) exhaust a person with walking.
walk off with colloq.
1 steal.
2 win easily. walk of life an occupation, profession, or calling.
1 (in full walk-on part) = walking-on part.
2 the player of this. walk on air see AIR.
walk out
1 depart suddenly or angrily.
2 (usu. foll. by with) Brit. archaic go for walks in courtship. walk-out n. a sudden angry departure, esp. as a protest or strike. walk out on desert, abandon.
walk over
1 colloq. = walk all over.
2 (often absol.) traverse (a racecourse) without needing to hurry, because one has no opponents or only inferior ones. walk-over n. an easy victory or achievement. walk the plank see PLANK. walk the streets 1 be a prostitute.
2 traverse the streets esp. in search of work etc. walk tall colloq. feel justifiable pride. walk up! a showman's invitation to a circus etc. walk-up US adj. (of a building) allowing access to the upper floors only by stairs.
—n. a walk-up building. walk up to approach (a person) for a talk etc. walk the wards be a medical student.
walkable adj.
Etymology: OE wealcan roll, toss, wander, f. Gmc

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